Ready to spill the “Tea”?

Welcome to our newly re-styled website!! If you are new to PDK, let me give you the spill… my hubs and I created PDK Southern Kitchen & Pantry in 2017 with the idea behind it being a bit of a mash up of our fav things. We LOVE food- especially southern but we need it fast on most days because our family is always on the go. We did not, however want to live off traditional fast food… so we decided to create a concept that would include delicious food on a time budget that would fit the busiest of families- IF fast is what you need, if not… hang with us for a while!  We also decided to add a bit of a pantry where you can shop anything from locally sourced bread boards to local treats from The Peach Truck, and even bath and body stuff… because let’s face it, the less stops we can make to get all the goods, the better- convenience is my jam! 

So, about our “spill the Tea” section…when we created PDK, I wanted it to feel kitchen-y because honestly my fav room in the house is our kitchen. Not because I cook bc heaven knows I struggle in that department, but I do LOVE to sit in the kitchen and gab while Peter cooks ☺ My other fav thing to do is hang with my gal pals in the kitchen doing what we ladies do best… spill the tea! Therefore, we thought it would be fun to bring you in on all our best convo’s from what we are doing for the holidays, to new products we are trying, and maybe even cooking demo’s from me- merely for a dose of humor since most days I either set things on fire or have some sort of disaster! Wanna join in on the convo? Drop us a line with topic ideas or join us as a guest… sweet tea, honest tea, or just good ole fashion iced tea, we are ready to spill it!