All burgers are served on a potato bun with fries. Gluten-free bun available

PDK burger

house grind / white cheddar / pickles / dijon aioli

farm hand burger

bbq sauce / crispy onions / smoked bacon
pickles / white cheddar

guacamole burger

guacamole / bacon / white cheddar / lettuce / tomato

tennessean burger

pimento cheese / bacon jam / pickles / lettuce / tomato

*add double meat 4.99*

Burger - PDK Kitchen | West Nashville, TN Lunch

-hot sandwiches-

All hot sandwiches are served with french fries.
Gluten free bun available

catfish sandwich
 fried catfish/ pickles / tartar sauce
grilled chicken sandwich

grilled chicken / pesto aioli / pickles / lettuce / tomato

bbq chicken sandwich

grilled chicken/ bbq sauce/ white cheddar/ crispy onions

buffalo chicken sandwich

fried chicken/ buffalo sauce/ pickles / blue cheese dressing

ugly chick

sliced chicken / goat cheese / ugly marmalade
smoked bacon / mayo

breaded pork tenderloin

fried pork / pickled red onion / red eye aioli / pickles lettuce / tomato

shrimp poboy

baguette / creole sauce / crispy shrimp / lettuce / tomato

french dip

roast beef / swiss / au jus / hoagie roll

pulled pork sandwich

pulled pork bbq / pickles / bbq sauce

ham and pimento cheese sandwich

ham / pimento cheese / peach truck jalapeno peach jam

Poboy - PDK Kitchen | West Nashville, TN Lunch


fried chicken wrap

fried chicken / lettuce / pickle / ranch / tortilla

“hot” chicken wrap

hot chicken / lettuce / tortilla

fried chicken and pimento cheese wrap

fried chicken / pimento cheese / lettuce / bacon jam

buffalo chicken wrap

buffalo tenders / lettuce / tomatoes / pickles / tortilla

chipotle chicken wrap

chipotle glazed tenders / lettuce / tortilla

chicken caesar wrap

romaine / caesar / sliced chicken / tortilla

chicken salad wrap

chicken salad / salad greens / tortilla

Wraps - PDK Kitchen | West Nashville, TN Lunch

-cold sandwiches-

All cold sandwiches are served with a bag of chips.

fresh salmon salad sandwich

spring mix / salmon salad / pickled red onions

pimento cheese & bacon

honey wheat bread / pimento cheese / smoked bacon

chicken salad sandwich

spring mix / chicken salad / tomato

turkey & avocado

turkey breast / avocado mix / lettuce / tomato

roast beef and swiss

roast beef / swiss / wheat bread

Cold Sandwich - PDK Kitchen | West Nashville, TN Lunch


chicken tenders with french fries

marinated tenders / french fries

honey chipotle tenders with french fries

chipotle glazed tenders / french fries

buffalo tenders with french fries 

buffalo glazed tenders/ french fries

chicken and waffles

buttermilk waffle / chicken tenders
maple butter / syrup drizzle

“hot” chicken

crispy hot chicken / sourdough / sweet pickles

hot chicken - Nashville, Bellevue, Mt Juliet TN southern food - restaurant delivery and catering

-Beef and Pork-

smothered hamburger steak

hamburger steak / mashed potatoes / brown gravy

country fried steak

country fried steak / mashed potatoes / brown gravy

pulled pork plate

pulled pork / broccoli salad / mac and cheese

breaded pork tenderloin

fried pork / brussels / sliced tomato

buffalo pork tenderloin

fried pork / buffalo sauce / french fries


seared salmon

fresh salmon / crispy brussels

shrimp & grits

yellow corn grits / creole sauce / blackened shrimp

fried shrimp dinner

fried shrimp / cocktail sauce / french fries

grilled shrimp dinner

grilled shrimp / cocktail sauce / french fries

catfish platter

fried catfish / french fries / tartar sauce

-from the garden-

grilled or fried chicken salad

grilled or fried chicken / spring mix / tomatoes
red onions / cucumbers / mixed cheese / bacon

southwest cobb salad with chicken

pico / bacon / mixed cheese / egg / avocado
fried chicken / spring mix / southwest ranch

hand-cut grilled salmon salad

spring mix / cherry tomatoes / pickled red onions
goat cheese / balsamic glaze

summer berry salad

strawberries / blueberries / goat cheese
pecans / vinaigrette & balsamic glaze / spring mix

chef salad

spring mix / turkey / ham / egg
mixed cheese / tomatoes

large house salad | small house salad

spring mix / tomatoes / red onions / cucumbers / carrots

large caesar salad | small caesar salad

romaine / caesar / croutons / parmesan

Salmon - PDK Kitchen | West Nashville, TN Lunch


ranch / blue cheese / honey mustard
southwestern ranch / chianti and basil vinaigrette
fat free roasted red pepper vinaigrette

Salad - PDK Kitchen | West Nashville, TN Lunch



salmon salad

fresh cut salmon / mayo / spices

chicken salad

fresh baked chicken / mayo / grapes / spices

pimento cheese salad

spicy pimento cheese / pimento

southern sampler

chicken salad / salmon salad / pimento cheese

mac and cheese

make it a combo
add a choice of soup or salad

Scoops - PDK Kitchen | Nashville, TN Lunch


Demos’ chicken & rice soup
beef tortilla soup
small – 6 oz
large – 12 oz
quart (to go only)
Food with a purpose.

*All our hamburgers are cooked to the required minimum temperatures. Consuming raw or undercooked hamburgers may increase your risk of foodborne illness. **Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, eggs, shellfish or seafood may increase your risk for foodborne illness. 1808167 9/10/18

-on the side-

french fries / crispy onions / brussels
broccoli salad / cheese grits
mashed potatoes with gravy

-premium sides-

substitute for regular side

fresh fruit
grilled broccoli
mac and cheese
PDK is a local gathering flavored with Southern tradition. Come sit a spell in our kitchen or grab your favorites to go.

-sweet tooth-

large banana pudding
banana pudding shots
cobbler of the day
Cobbler - PDK Kitchen | Nashville, TN Dessert


soft drinks

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